Modern Society & Technology

Modern society has come with the rush for new technology and up to date products. Everyone’s clamoring for the latest in trends and design. But what about looking into the past? You can be different. You can set your event in history- as far back as when furniture was invented.

You can have your wedding in the era of monarchs, princes and chariots. You can create a medieval photo shoot. You can opt for vintage furniture hire for literally any event- birthdays, baby showers, outdoor family events and even festivals. As long as what you’re planning for needs furniture, you can go the vintage way. The best part: you’re spoilt for choice.

What are our options?

What options are available? What do you go for? What will work for you? It really depends on your taste. “Vintage” literally refers to anything from antique typewriters to mid-century antique seats. Hence, you should first shape your vision before deciding on what to buy. For instance, what time period would you like to set your event in? And you don’t have to stick to a specific time slice of the past. You can blend the look with colors, styles and textures from a contemporary time.

It may seem like a lot of work. Perhaps you’re planning for a wedding and you already have a lot o your plate. Deciding on a vintage theme can look like an extra load. Don’t work yourself up. There are companies that work to bring your ideas to life. And your wedding can stand out from the rest. You can barely find 2 vintage wedding that are alike. It goes a long day in making your special day really special.

Vintage Vs Antique

Doesn’t vintage mean you’re getting something old? People tend to get confused between vintage and antique furniture a lot. It doesn’t help that some sellers and proponents use the terms interchangeably. You should know the difference so that you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Vintage means something of high quality that demonstrates styles of the past. So vintage furniture is modern, but reminds you of the past. Antique basically means old. Antique furniture could have been made over one hundred years ago. Antique furniture should also be in its original condition and not altered in any way. Hence, when you’re looking to hire vintage furniture, make the distinction between age and style. You’ll be getting furniture that looks like it’s from the past, but is not literally from the past.

What to Look for

First, it should go in line with the theme of your event. Next, like all furniture, it should be gently used, or in pristine condition. You don’t want something that’ll break apart during your event. Look for furniture that has a good, study framework. Just because it has brought the past to the present doesn’t mean that its quality is impeccable. Avoid furniture made with inferior materials and poor workmanship. If your budget is tight, try hiring individual pieces that would work well together, one at a time. With vintage furniture, you can be flexible. Hence you can always look for individual pieces that go together and are within your budget.